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10 days to go until consultation closes!

Please share!

We would like to thank you for your continued comments on our proposed walking and cycling routes for the Connecting our Garden Communities Draft Plan. We now have 370 contributions. Any further comments within the next 10 days would be greatly appreciated.

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What you've told us so far

We have had further responses to our question: "What are the most important connections to prioritise walking and cycling access to?", since sharing the results we had received a few weeks ago. Currently, schools and employment are the top two most important connections to prioritise walking and cycling access to, followed by the Town Centre and then supermarkets. The least important is currently also employment. Help us clarify these results by adding your contribution. Let us know what you think about this and spread it around the community.

Thank you once again for your continued contribution. You can view all contributions by clicking on each tile on the website.

Please share this post and help us maximise public involvement. Consultation ends 30th September.

Posted on 20th September 2022

by Sophie Jones